ASME A112.19.2-2008 pdf free download.Ceramic plumbing fixtures.
4.7 Additional requirements for urinals
4.7.1 Integral trap diameter
Integral traps on urinals shall have a diameter that will allow a solid ball with the applicable minimum diameter specified in Table 3 to pass
4.7.2 DImensions
The minimum dimensions for urinals shall be as specified in Table 4.
4.7.3 Spuds
For urinals operated by flushometer valves, the standard nominal spud size shall be 1/2, 3/4, 1.1/4, or
1-1/2. Other spud dimensions shall be as specified in CAN/CA-B1 25.3 or A5ME Al 12.19.5.
4.7.4 MaterIals and construction
The materials and construction of urinals shall comply with the applicable requirements of this Standard,
4.7.5 Non-water-consuming urinals
In addition to complying with the applicable requirements of this Standard, non-water-consuming urinals shall comply with ASME Al 12.19.19.
4.8 Additional requirements for lavatories, sinks, and hidets
4.8.1 OpenIngs and mounting surfaces for supply fittings
When provided, openings and mounting surfaces for lavatory, sink, and bidet supply fittings shall be as shown in Figure 7, except when proprietary (i.e., non-standard) supply fittings are provided by the manufacturer.
Factory-supplied lavatory, sink, and bidet supply fittings shall comply with ASME A112.18.1/
CAN/CSA-B1 25.1.
Mounting surfaces for supply fittings that rely on an air gap for backflow protection shall be not more than 13 mm (0.5 in) below the flood level rim.
Hot.: Core should be token to ensure that the minimum air gap specified in ASME A 12.18. 1/CA.N/CSA-8 125.1 or in the applicable plumbing code is not compromised when supply fittings ore installed on furtures with mounting surfaces below the flood lewl rim.
4.8.2 Wall-mounted commercial lavatories and sinks
Wall-mounted lavatories and sinks intended for commercial applications shall be provided with openings for fasteners that have the support dimensions specified in ASME Al 12.6.1.
4.8.3 Spuds for clinic sinks
The standard nominal size for spuds for clinic sinks operated by flushometer valves shall be 1-1/2. Other spud dimensions shall be as specified in CAN/CSA-Bl 25.3 or ASME Al 12.19.5.
4.9 Additional requirements for bathtubs and shower bases
4.9.1 Minimum dimensions for bathtubs
The minimum dimensions for bathtubs shall be as shown in Figure 8.
4.9.2 Slope to the ‘s4astc outlet
Bathtubs and shower bases shall have a maximum slope of 4% to the waste outlet.
Not.: The,e should be a rnirjmuni slope of 1% to the waste outlet
4.9.3 flanges
Bathtubs and shower bases intended for installation against a wall shall incorporate a continuously raised
flange or bead at least 8 mm (0.3 in) above the rim. The raised flange shall be
(a) integral with the bathtub or shower base;
(b) added to an island tub or shower base in the factory; or
(c) field installed using a flange kit that complies with Clause 6.5. Fixtures using field-installed flanges shall be marked in accordance with Clause 9.4 and shall include all necessary parts and fasteners.
4.10 Additional requirements for drinking fountains
Drinking fountains shall
(a) include a supply fitting, which shall be at least 25 mm (1.0 in) above the flood level rim; and
(b) comply with the dimensions shown in Figure 9.
Not.: tkinkng locrntorn wpply fittings are also known as drinking fountain bubblers.
Factory-supplied drinking fountain supply fittings shall comply with ASME Al 12.18.1 ICANICSA-B1 25.1. including the toxicity requirements.
4.11 Accessible design fixtures
Fixtures designed to be accessible shall comply with the dimensional requirements specified in
CAN/CSA.B651 or ICC/ANSI Al 17.1
5 Flushing devices
5.1 General
Flushing devices shall deliver water at a sufficient rate and quantity to permit water closets and urinals to comply with the hydraulic performance requirements of this Standard. Gravity flush tanks, pressurized flushing devices, and other flushing methods may be used.
Air gaps, vacuum breakers, or other backflow preventers shall be installed above the overflow or flood level
of the fixture. Alternatively, spill openings to the outside of the flush tank shall be provided as required by Clause 5.2.4 or 5.3.2.