ASME A112.19.8B-2009 pdf free download.Suction Fittings for Use in Swimming Pools, Wading Pools,Spas, and Hot Tubs. Sumps intended to receive fasteners shall be designed for fifteen secure insertion, tightening, and removal cycles of the fasteners without stripping. The design shall inhibit inadvertent cross-threading. Sumps intended for use with self-tapping screws (those not having threaded inserts) shall be designed and constructed to accommodate redrilling for insertion of a threaded insert in a stripped hole to accept the original size fastener. If threaded inserts are used, they shall be chosen to preclude any corrosive or chemical reaction with screws provided for the sump by the manufacturer. Both self-tapping screws and machine screws with associated threaded inserts shall be permitted. The strength of the fastening system shall conform to the requirements of this Standard.
2.1.2 Suction fitting assemblies that connect directly to the circulation piping shall attach by a PVC end connection in accordance with ASTM D 2466, or by a threaded end connection in accordance with
ASTM F 1498.
2.1.3 There shall be no accessible sharp edges to constitute a hazard with fully assembled suction fittings.
2.1.4 Suction fittings shall not protrude from the installed surface more than 2 in. (51 mm).
2.2 Fitting Exposure
When polymeric material is used for the manufacture of suction fitting components they shall be tested as described in para. 3.2 and be rated for service life fri accordance with para. 7.1.1 (b)(5).
2.3 Specific Design Requirements
2.3.1 Field Fabricated Outlets. Field fabricated outlets are intended as but not limited to a single suction outlet and are limited to 1.5 ft/sec (0.46 m/s) of flow through the open area of the cover/grate unless rated at a lower flow rate by the Registered Design Professional. They shall be of such a size that the 18 in. X 23 in. (457 mm x 584 mm) body blocking element will not cause a differential pressure that could cause body entrapment as defined below. They are further governed by the stipulations of Mandatory Appendix II. Suction Outlet Cover/Grates. Suction outlet cover/grates that cannot be completely covered by the 18 in. x 23 in. (457 mm x 584 mm) body blocking element may be rated by the following formulas which shall yield the maximum allowable flow, Q, through the cover/grate.
All calculations involve the opeiz area of the cover/grate only.
3.1.3 Test Procedure. For the tests covered in section 3, a minimum of six suction fittings shall be tested in each test condition, unless otherwise stated. If the parts are made in different mold cavities, representative samples shall be taken from different mold cavities for a total of six. Testing shall be performed immediately after conditioning, as described in para. 3.1.5.
3.1.4 Test Fixture. The fitting(s) shall be installed in a rigid fixture that is capable of supporting the fitting(s) in a manner similar to the actual installation.
3.1.5 Conditioning. All specimens shall be submerged in water at a temperature of 73.4°F ± 3°F (23°C ± 2°C) for at least 2 hr before testing.
3.1.6 Crack Detection. After each physical test, the unit shall he washed in a standard liquid detergent solution, rinsed with clear water and dried prior to application of ink as specified in para. After inking, the unit shall be visually inspected in accordance with para. To hasten drying, the surface of the unit shall be permitted to be wiped with a clean chamois leather or a clean absorbent lint-free material for this test only.
NOTE: Standard liquid detergent shall consist of (by volume)
(a) Monsanto TKPP, 8.00%
(b) Sterox NJ, 7.00%
(c) Stepan SXS, 8.00%
(d) Butyl Cellosolve, 1.5%
(e) Water, 75.5% Inking Procedure. The entire finished surface of the fitting shall be rubbed with a sponge and a 50% solution of tap water and water-soluble contrasting color ink after the unit has been washed and dried as described in para. 3.1.6. The ink shall be rinsed from the surface and then dried before inspection. Method of Inspection of the Fitting Surface. The surface of the fitting shall be inspected with the unaided eye for defects from a distance of between 1 ft and 2 ft (305 mm and 610 mm). The light source shall be equivalent to an illumination intensity near the surface to be inspected of 150 fc ± 50 fc (1615 lx ± 540 lx).
3.1.7 Performance Requirement. The fitting shall be free from cracks. The presence of seams, flow lines, and knit lines within suction fittings shall be permitted and shall not be considered as cracks. No failures shall occur.