ASME B107.33M-2002 pdf free download.SOCKET WRENCHES,IMPACT (METRIC SERIES).
This Standard is intended to cover the complete geral and dimensional data for detachable socket wrenches for impact use.
Inclusion of dimensional data in this Standard is not intended to imply that all of the products described herein are stock production sizes. Consumers are requested to consult with manufacturers or their representatives concerning lists of stock production sizes.
AU dimensions in this Standard are in millimeters.
Type I: Sockets, single hexagon (6-point) and double hexagon (12-point) (see Fig. 1)
Type II: Future use
Type III: Universal Sockets, single hexagon (6-point) and double hexagon (12-point) (see Fig. 2)
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The illustrations shown herein arc descriptive and not restrictive. They are not intended to preclude the manufacture of sockets that are otherwise in accordance with this Standard.
5.2 Proof Torque Test
Sockets shall meet the proof torque specified in the applicable tables Socket wrench and drive openings shall be gaged prior to testing and only sockets that are in accordance with the gage shall be tested. Gages shalL be in accordance with ASME B1O7.4M and B107.17M. They shall be torqued to the proof torque using the mandrel depth specified. Following the removal of the proof torque, they shall be regaged. Marking at mandrel contact points is allowable. Any socket that cracks, fractures, or does not gage after torquing shall be considered to have failed the test.
5.2.1 Type I, Sockets. A square test plug of suitable strength and in compliance with the dimensional requirements of the drive tang specified in ASME 5107.4M shall be employed. The test plug may be driven by any suitable manual or mechanical means. The socket shall then be engaged on the end of a mandrel to maximum insertion depth in accordance with applicable tables. Means may be provided at the outer end of the test plug to prevent slippage of the socket end-wise from the mandrel and to keep the test pieces in alignment.
5.2.2 Type Il, Universal Sockets. Tests shall be made in the same manner as specified in para. 5.2.1 except that means shall be provided to keep the parts of the universal socket assembly in the axis that the torque is applied.
5.2.3 Mandrels for Wrench Openings. Sockets shall be tested on mandrels. Single hexagon (6 point) or double hexagon (12-point) sockets or universal sockets shall be tested on hexagonal mandrels. The size of all socket opening mandrels shall conform to Table 8. Mandrels shall be hardened to not less than 56 HRC and shall be smoothly finished.
Sockets shall be designated by the following data in the sequence shown:
(a) impact socket
(b) drive size
(c) type
(d) wrench opening size and configuration
(e) length
EXAMPLE: Impact Socket, 12.5 mm drive size, Type I, 18 mm Opening Single Hexagon, 38.1 mm overal length.