ASME B107.5M-2002 pdf free download.SOCKET WRENCHES,HAND(METRIC SERIES).
(b) Universa! Sockets. Tests shall be made in the same manner as specified in para. 5.2.1(a) except that means shall be provided to keep the parts of the universal socket assembly on a common axis about which the load is applied.
5.2.2 Mandrels for Wrench Openings. Sockets shall be tested on mandrels. Six-point or 12-point
hexagonal sockets shall be tested on hexagonal mandrels. The size of all mandrels shall conform to tables herein. Mandrels shall be hardened to no less than 56 HRC.
5.3 Coating
Process Qualification Test
The Coating Process Qualification Test for Alternate Coatings shall be performed to certify the manufacturer’s production coating process. The Coating Process Qualification Test consists of an adhesion, abrasion, and corrosion test specified in paras. 5.3.2, 5.3.3, and
5.3.4. The Coating Process Qualification Test may also be performed to certify the manufacturer’s Nickel- Chromium plating process. Passing the Coating Process Qualification tests, if agreed to by the customer, exempts the manufacturer from the Nickel-Chromium Thickness
requirement of para. 4.7.2(a)(1) and the Nickel-Chro-mium Adhesion requirement of para. 4.7.2(a)(2).
Retesting may be required when a significant change occurs in the process, a change in the materials, or when contractually required by the customer.
5.3.1 Test Preparation. The quantity and condition of the sample sockets used for the following tcsting shall be per the manufacturcr’s standard practice or as mutually agrccd to by thc manufacturcr and thc customcr.
5.3.2 Coating Process Adhesion Test. Sampic sockcts shall pass the ftc or grind-saw (cSt of ASTM
B 571.
5.3.3 CoatIng Process Abrasion Test. Saznplc sockets shall have no base material exposed when subjected to 100 liters of falling sand test of ASTM D 96 Method A.
5.3.4 Coating Process Corrosion Test. The cxtenor surfaccs of sample sockcLs shall be tcstcd for corrosion rcsistancc by exposure to a 48-hour salt spray test, as specified in ASTM B 117, without failing below the ASTM B 537 rating of 6.
Sockets shall be designated by thc following data in the sequence shown:
(a) Hand socket
(b) Drive size
(d) Class
(e) Wrench nominal opening size and configuration
EXAMPLE hand socket. 6.3 mm dnvc size. Type 1, Qan 1, 10 mm opcrnng. singk hezagon.