ASME B18.5.2.1M-2006 pdf free download.Metric Round Head Short Square Neck Bolts.
General. ASME Standards are developed and marntaint’d with the intent to represent the consensus of concerned interests. As such. users of this Standard may interact with the Committee by requesting interpretations, proposing revisions, and attending Committee meetings. Correspondence should be addressed to:
Scrutai-v, B18 Standards Committee
The American Society ol Mechanical Engineers
Three l’ark Avenue
New York. NY 10016-5990
Proposing Revisions. Revisions are made periodicalk’ to the Standard to incorporate changes that appear necessary or desirable, as demonstrated by the experience gained from the applicabon of the Standard, Appnwed revisions will 1w published periodically.
The Committee welcomes proposals for revisions to this Standard. Such proposals should be as spec-ilk as possible, citing the paragraph number(s), the proposed wording, and a detailed description of the reasons for the proposal. including any pertinent documentation.
Interpretations. Upon requestS the 1318 Standards Committee will render an interpretation of any requirement of the Standard. Interpretations can only Lie rendered in response to a written request sent to the Secretary of the 1318 Standards Committee.
The request for an interpretation should be clear and unambiguous it is further recommended that the inquirer submit his/her request in the following format:
Subject: Cite the applicable paragraph number(s) and the topic of the inquiry.
Edition: Cite the applicable edition of the Standard for which the interpretation is being requested.
Question: Phrase the question as a request loran interpretation of a specific requirement suitable for general understanding and use, not as a request for an approval of a proprietary design or situation, The inquirer may also include any plans or drawings, which are necessary to explain the question; however, they should not contain proprietary names or information.
Requests that are not in this format maybe rewritten in the appropriate format by the Committee prior to being answered, which may inadvertently change the intent of the original request.
ASME procedures provide for reconsideration of any interpretation when or if additional information that might affect an interpretation is available. Further, persons aggrieved by an interpretation may appeal to the cognh!ant ASME Committee or Subcommittee. ASME dot-s not “approve,”“certify,”“rate,” or “endorse” any item, construction, proprietary device, or activit>
Attending Committee Meetings. 11w 1318 Standards Committee regularly holds meetings, which are open to the public. wishing to attend any meeting should contact the Secretary of the BIS Standards Committee.