ASME B56.6-2002 pdf free download.Safety Standard for Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks.
5.3.4 Some users may decide to establish,for theirown use. stability requirements thatwill vary fromthose in para.8.6. However, the requirements in para.8.6 should serve as a guide for the user,working withthe manufacturer, in establishing his own more stringentrequirements.
5.4 Safety Guards
5.4.1 Overhead Guards Rough terrain forklift trucks shall be fittedwith an overhcad guard manufactured in accordancewith para. 8.16. An overhead guard is intended to offerprotection to the operator from falling objects,but itcannot protect against every possible impact. Therefore,the overhead guard should not be considered a substitutefor good judgment and care in loading. handling, stor-age,etc. Under certain unusual operating conditions,a stronger guard, or one having openings of smallersize,may be specified by the user,working with therough terrain forklift truck manufacturer.
5.6.2 Rough terrain forklift trucks operated in hazard-ous areas shall be approved and of the type requiredby ANSINFPA 505. Depending on the proposed type of roughterrain forklift truck and area.approved trucks shallbe built in compliance with UL 558. Rough terrain forklift trucks and areasof use shall bc marked in accordance with ANSINFPA505.
5.7 Aisles and Obstructions
5.7.1 Permanent aisles,roadways or passageways.floors,and ramps shall be defined in some fashion ormarked to conform with ANSI Z53.1.
5.7.2 Permanent or temporary protrusions of loads,equiprment,and material into the usual operating areashali be guarded,clearly and distinctively marked,orclearly visible.
5.8 Lighting for Operating Areas
5.8.1 Controlled lighting of adequate intensity shouldbe provided in operating areas in conformance withANSEIES RP7.
5.8.2 Where operating conditions indicate,the usershall be responsible for having the rough terrain forklifttruck equipped with lights.
5.10 Sound Level
Rough terrain forklifttrucks can contribute to theambient sound level in the work area. Considerationshould be given to the sound exposure of personnelin the work area.
5.11 Dockboards (Bridge Plates)
5.11.1 Portable and powered dockhoards shall bemarked conspicuously with their carrying capacity. Thecarrying capacity indicated shall not be exceeded.5.11.2 Portable dockboards shall be secured in posi-tion to prevent their slipping.
5.11.3 Handholds or other effective means shall beprovided on portable dockboards to permit safe handling.Where possible,fork loops or lugs shall be providedfor handling by rough terrain forklift trucks.
5.11.4 All types of dockboards shall have a highfriction surface designed to reduce the possibility ofemployees or rough terrain forklift trucks slipping.
5.11.5 All types of dockboards shall be designedand maintained so that the end edges wil have asubstantial contact with the dock (or loading platform)and the transport vehicle to prevent the dockboard fromrocking or sliding.
5.12 Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks and
Railroad Cars
5.12.1 When rough terrain forklift trucks are drivenon and off road trucks or trailers during the loadingand unloading operation. the brakes on the road trucksand trailers shall be applied and wheel chock(s).
5.12.4 Maintain a safe distance from the edgc ofrxnps,platfornns,or other similar working surfaccs.5.12.5 Do not move railroad cars or trailers with arough terrain forklift truck unless the truck is properlydesigned and equipped for that operation.
5.13 Warning Device
5.13.1 Every rough terrain forklift truck shall beequipped withan operator-controlled horn,whistle,gong.or other sound-producing device(s). The usershall see that all warning devices are in place and inworking ordcr.
5.13.2 The user shall determine if operating condi-tions require the rough terrain forklift truck to beequipped with additional sound-producing or visualdevices. and be responsible for providing and main-taining such devices.
5.14 Relocating Rough Terrain Forklift Truckswhen utilizing lifting equipment such as elevalors,cranes,ship hoisting gear,etc.,to relocate a roughterrain forklift truck,the uscr shall ensurc that thccapacity of the hoisting equipment being used is notexceeded.
5.15 Elevating Personnel
5.15.1 A rough terrain forklift truck shall not beused to lift people unless there is no other practicaloption. If a rough terrain forklift truck must be usedto lift people,the following precautions for the protec-tion of personnel shall be taken:
ia) provide a personne! platform which complieswith the design requirements listed in Part l1l of thisStandard.